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Lead Inside the Box gives leaders a way to get the best out of their teams by focusing their energy where it will make the biggest difference. It teaches leaders how to:
  • Figure out where they are currently investing their time and energy across their teams
  • Identify the unique leadership needs of each team member
  • Make smarter decisions about how and where to invest their time and energy to get the best results out of everyone.

    A team of corporate executives thinks they're heading to a golf resort for their annual retreat. They are in for a different, eye-opening, experience.

    Available at Amazon in hardcopy and ebook. 

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    Coming Soon from the American Management Association - I walked the ancient Camino de Santiago pilgrimage trail across Spain in 2013. This book shares the leadership lessons I learned on that adventure. The book was inspired by the tremendous feedback my blogs about that experience generated from people around the world. 

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