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Hire Victor to Speak to Your Group

From a formal keynote for hundreds of people to an informal "lunch and learn" with a smaller group, I would love to share my unique, compelling content with your team. You can choose from presentations such as:

  • The Camino Way: 7 Ancient Pilgrim Values that Modern Organizations Need
  • The Camino Way: 8 Pilgrim Lessons to Find and Achieve Your Career Passion
  • The Leadership Matrix: How to Get the Best out of Your Team, and 
  • Consulting 101: A Case Study in How to Solve a Strategic Problem. 
    We can also work together to create a custom message for your group.

Video of Author Keynote for The Camino Way

Highlights from my presentation about my book, The Camino Way: Lessons in Leadership from a Walk Across Spain. (7 minute-long video) 

Video of Author Keynote for Lead Inside the Box

Overview of the leadership strategy outlined in my book, Lead Inside the Box: How Smart Leaders Guide their Teams to Exceptional Results. (2 minute-long video)


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