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Executive Farm: A Leadership Fable

I used to work on my uncles' dairy farms in the summer breaks between my middle school years. (That's me in the picture.) In 2016, I wrote a blog about the leadership lessons I learned from those summer experiences. My blog went viral and touched thousands of people around the world who had grown up on farms. They shared their own lessons.

That feedback encouraged me to write a short-story fable to pass on those lessons in leadership people get from working on a farm. I self-published this on Amazon in 2016 as both an ebook and a paperback. My targeted audience was exactly two people - my two uncles. They enjoyed the book. 


What reviewers are saying...

"A parable about a leadership team that is a quick read and worth the time. Still thinking about the implications for my team days later."

"This is a great fable... great to use as an ice breaker or working example for new teams, old teams, new product lines, etc.. "

"I could not stop reading the book until I got to the end, all at once. I would strongly recommend your book to anyone, who is interested in developing a deeper sense of leadership and sharpening their skills."

"Another awesome leadership book with exceptional valuable lessons told in a way that only Victor seems to be able to tell them."

"This story was inspiring. I keep up with Victor's many articles on LinkedIn and always find them so engaging I forget that I'm learning important lessons and new skills. Similarly this story did not disappoint."

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