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Issue 1

Happy 2017 to you! Did you make any resolutions for the new year? For my personal life, I set a goal to be better at keeping in touch with people I've met. For my professional life as a business and leadership author, I set a goal of creating new content every month that people find helpful. To help achieve both goals, I am launching this monthly newsletter. 

I posted a whiteboard animation video to describe a training course I do that teaches the critical thinking and structured communication techniques that the elite management consulting firms use. (If you are looking to do an animation for your website, I highly recommend the developer I used.) See the video at my DiscoveredLOGIC.com website. (90 second view.)

My first blog post of the year was about the leadership lessons from President Franklin D. Roosevelt's (FDR) first 100 days. FDR's fast start set the bar against which all new US presidents are measured. This blog describes the 7 steps that FDR took to succeed that any leader can use when taking over a new roleIt hit the Top 10 on LinkedIn's Leadership and Management channel, which has over 23 million followers. Read and share on LinkedIn. (4 minute read.)

My other blog was about 7 actions a person seeking a promotion at work can take to improve their chances. These lessons come from my experience as both a decision-maker in promotion decisions and as someone seeking a promotion, sometimes successfully, sometimes unsuccessfully. Read and share on LinkedIn(4 minute read.)

I was interviewed by a Canadian podcast that takes a fun angle in the leadership category. It asked me to share the lessons I learned from the best manager I've had. Listen to the podcast(25 minute listen.)


I ran a free giveaway promotion for the ebook version of the short story I published last year. The book is a fable that teaches leadership lessons through a short (33 page) fiction story. During the giveaway, the book reached #4 on Amazon in the Leadership category of free ebooks. As I write this, a few links to free downloads still remain. (45 minute read.)

Random Tech Tip of the Month: The tip I shared most in the last month was to try Kiwi.com to find cheap airfares. Kiwi builds trip options by combining flights from non-traditional, non- cooperating airlines like Southwest, Frontier and Norwegian. That means you have to check in separately at connecting airports, but the savings have been well worth the inconvenience to me. (Note: I have no incentive to recommend Kiwi. I just recommend it based on good personal experience.)

Coming Up Next Month: My next book, The Camino Way: Lessons in Leadership from a Walk Across Spain (AMACOM), goes into final edits and production. It combines my own Camino story with interviews I did with 100+ other people from 16 countries. You can follow progress at the book's Facebook page. It comes out in hardcover and audiobook in July.


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