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Issue 22


I hope the last month has treated you well. Here is my latest news.
I had a keynote keynote speaking event in Dallas, so I added a book event for #TheCaminoWayBook at the best independent bookstore in Dallas during the trip. It was a great crowd (see photo). Even better, several old friends turned up at the event, making it a high school, college, and Bain & Company reunion.
I will be in Los Angeles later this month, so we are having an event for #TheCaminoWayBook at an iconic bookstore in Downtown LA.. We have over 200 RSVPs, so it should be a great turnout. See the event details here. I will be in San Diego in early December and am planning to have a book event there as well. Stay tuned for details. (Any suggestions on a great bookstore there?)
My first book, Lead Inside the Box: How Smart Leaders Guide their Team to Exceptional Results (Career Press, 2015), has been made into an online training course on LinkedIn, taught by my co-author Mike Figliuolo. It is called "Developing Your Team Members" and is 52 minutes long, divided into 6 sections. It even has a quiz at the end of every chapter. You can see the course here.
My latest blog lays out three strategies consultants can use to get repeat business from clients. It is aimed specifically at senior consultants trying to make the leap to the partner level by selling. See it here.
I'm planning to sit for an exam to become a Board Certified Coach and I need to get some more coaching hours in to do that. If you would like a free half hour of executive coaching in the next month to help me get my hours up, here is a link where you can get time on my calendar for a coaching session over the phone. Even if you don't need coaching, it would be great to schedule a time to catch up over the phone.
Thanks for your time. I'd love to hear what you are up to. If you have a moment, please reply with an email or look me up on Facebook or LinkedIn. Here is a link where you can schedule a call with me too. And please let me know if I can be helpful to you in any way.

All the best to you,

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