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Issue 5

Here's my news from the last month.

I was just signed by a prestigious speakers bureau to represent me for my keynote and other speaking engagements. I am proud to join the impressive stable of talents they represent that includes best-selling business authors like Patrick Lencioni and Clay Christensen, and other business and thought leaders like Mark Cuban. Learn more.

Much of my May was spent preparing for the official release in July of my new book, The Camino Way: Lessons in Leadership from a Walk Across Spain:

  • There will be a book signing event in Indianapolis at Indy Reads Books, a non-profit bookstore that supports adult literacy programs in Indianapolis. The event is from 6-7pm on Thursday, July 13th (the book's official release date).The event is free - no tickets or purchase required. All ages welcome. Get more details at the event webpage or Facebook page.
  • I updated the book's webpage by adding the 50 best Camino photos I have taken from my three separate hikes on different Camino sections. See them here.
  • The book's Facebook page following grew to over 4,200. Learn more.

"Fault lines of history run deep in the former Soviet Union. They are everywhere. You just have to notice them." That is how Flash Fiction Magazine billed my first piece of flash fiction (<1000 words) they published this month. It was inspired by a weekend trip I took to Riga, Latvia this winter. I'd love to hear what you think, as I have been considering fiction ideas for a future book. See the article here.

I posted two blogs this month:

  • To commemorate the 100th birthday of President Kennedy, I wrote about an interesting pattern I found when I read through transcripts of his most famous speeches. Learn more.
  • I met an American working as a professional quarterback for an American Football league in Europe. He was kind enough to sit for an interview, which turned into an interesting blog about leadership. Learn more.

Random Tech Tip of the Month

If you are trying to learn a new language, I highly recommend duolingo, which is a phone app. I'm using it and have found it much better and more addictive than other programs I have tried. It's free and is a great example of "gamification" where it motivates users by making it feel like a video game. Find it at duolingo.com or in the app store. See my past "Random Tech Tips" on my old newsletters


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