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Hire Victor to Speak to Your Group

From a formal keynote for hundreds of people to an informal "lunch and learn" with a smaller group, I would love to share my unique, compelling content with your team. You can choose from presentations such as:

  • The Camino Way: Ancient Pilgrim Values that Modern Organizations Need
  • The Camino Way: 10 Pilgrimage Lessons to Find and Achieve Career Passion
  • Lead Inside the Box: Use the Leadership Matrix to Get Your Team's Best
  • Management Consulting 101: A Case Study in Solving a Client's Problem
  • EA Excellence:  12 Best Practices of Great Executive Assistants
  • PM Trek: 10 Project Management Lessons from a Hike/Bike Across Europe
  • Consulting to Corporate: 12 Keys to Success in a Big Career Transition 
  • Executive Farm: 10 Leadership Lessons I Learned as a Dairy Farm Kid
         (that they didn't teach me at Wharton). 

Video of Author Keynote for The Camino Way

Highlights from my presentation about my book, The Camino Way: Lessons in Leadership from a Walk Across Spain. (7 minute-long video) 

Video of Keynote for Lead Inside the Box

Overview of the leadership strategy outlined in my book, Lead Inside the Box: How Smart Leaders Guide their Teams to Exceptional Results. (2 minute-long video)


Victor Sharing Short Video Lessons from The Camino Way

"Buy the Ticket then Figure out the Rest"

"Kick Your Bucket List"


"Victor’s virtual event, in which he shared inspirational lessons from his book, The Camino Way, was an overwhelming success for The Wharton Club of New York. Victor is a captivating speaker and storyteller touches the humanity and the adventurer in all of us. The most impressive takeaway, aside from Victor’s inspiring stories, and breathtaking images, was the strong response it elicited from our alumni. In addition to attracting over 100 participants, the event generated the greatest age range in participants that WCNY has ever experienced – 65 years! The event attracted recently minted 2020 MBA’s to an undergrad from 1956 and numerous alumni in between. Everyone was quite inspired by Victor’s life lessons and his amazing trek. There was also no doubt that the Camino de Santiago was placed at the top of everyone’s list of first places to visit after the pandemic." - Organizer of a virtual keynote of The Camino Way 

"I came into the session without any knowledge and was thrilled with the material. I loved learning about the Camino and thought your lessons are all life lessons - applicable across multiple points - work, personal, social. Really great presentation!!" - Audience member from a corporate keynote

"I am a teacher and leader and will certainly be sharing your observations with both my pupils and colleagues... You are the kind of speaker whose life nuggets will touch lives. Have you considered being a motivational speaker for children and teens as well, whose own ‘Camino’ trajectories could be influenced profoundly by what you share? What a legacy you could leave in hearts and minds... Do keep writing. You have much to say. And, you do it simultaneously simply, profoundly and honestly and it challenges. Magical. Thank you for writing this book." - An Amazon review of The Camino Way

"I met Victor Prince at an event last year where he was the speaker. Listening to him speak about the book and his personal journey literally changed my life... Whether you are looking for direction in leadership, love to read exciting travel books or looking for inspiration in your personal life, this is a great read. I cannot recommend his book highly enough." - An Amazon review of The Camino Way

To book Victor for a speaking engagement, please contact:

Tom Neilssen, BrightSight SpeakersTel.: 609-924-3060 x16. Email: tom@brightsightspeakers.com


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